Here you'll find a few loosely collected images of some past shows, not the actual shows though, just a few pictures.

Maybe you will miss some important impressions. Like the actual light in that specific space on the picture. Or the sound your shoes would make by walking on the floor of the seemingly almost empty room. You'll most certainly miss out on a now forgotten story, that surrounded the show when it was up. Or you will never see this tiny, random piece of stone the photographer didn't choose to frame, but which you would have found important, if you had discovered it yourself.
And not to forget: It'll still smell from the tea you just brewed, or from the light rain that just started to fall.

It might actually be quiet cozy where you are! I'm picturing you, looking out the window at the falling rain, holding a hot cup of tea between your hands.
But maybe I'm wrong and you're in fact standing out in the cold, on a too early and dark morning, waiting for the bus to come. hm, in fact, I really don't even know one thing about you...

A bit closer we might get by browsing through Tracer, a 📓, published recently, with the help of a lot of human beeings.
Also maybe try asking around at this place 📌.

Nevertheless, here is a PDF to be 👀 at. Also you'll find some more recent stories around here 📱. But if you'd really, really like to know——maybe even feel something real——you might write me an ✉️. I'll write back as soon as I find a moment to sincerely answer.

All the best, and see you around!