Maybe YOU came here to look for a recent portfolio of WORK or something...



BUT NOW... you only come across this LOUSY letter, a STOLEN image of a 🖐️ holding the planet, and finally a few clattered images of some  past shows. Not the ACTUAL shows obviously, just a few pictures.


You'll miss some quite IMPORTANT informations. Like the actual Light in the specific space on the photograph. Or the SOUND your shoes would have made by walking on the floor of the room. You'll most certainly miss a now forgotten RUMOUR that surrounded the show when it was up. And you're not able to see that little random piece of 🪨 which the photographer didn't choose to frame.
And not to forget, you probably still smell the TEA you just brewed, or your next door neighbours Cigarette 🚬  instead of the typical odor of an art... or whatever -SPACE  you see on the pictures.



A glimpse of HAPTIC truth you might get by browsing through TRACER, a 📓, published in June 2022, with the help of a lot of helping HANDS


Or by asking around at this place:🔑


Nevertheless, there are some pictures to be found here:👁️. Also you'll find some more recent stories just around the corner:📱.



But if you'd really, REALLY like to know (maybe even FEEL something) you could write a ✉️.



🌀 Mathis
Zürich 2024